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Invoice Gates-Pretend Christian; Actual Jew – Brutal Proof

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September 30, 2014

Prime Stage Supply Reveals Invoice Gates is Jewish

In accordance with John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic Highschool buddy and informant deeply linked with Freemasonry, Invoice Gates is hiding from the goyim public the actual fact he’s actually Jewish.

Crypto-Jew Invoice Gates

Dixon stated Invoice Gates father, Invoice Gates Sr., made the choice a very long time in the past to cover the actual fact he’s Jewish as a result of he thinks there are far too many “outstanding Jews” in America and doesn’t need individuals to achieve suspicion of this reality.

Invoice Gates and Satanic artist Maria Abramovich

Invoice Gates Jewish Dad and mom

So, identical to that, he grew to become a Christian. Humorous factor is, Invoice Gates Sr. has a historical past of doing this. For those who test his bio on Wikipedia, it says he modified his identify from Invoice Gates II to easily Invoice Gates Jr. “to keep away from the looks of elitism,” he brazenly states within the article.

Dixon stated Invoice Gates mom, Mary Maxwell Gates, can also be Jewish and performed her half within the Gates household crypto-Jew ruse as effectively by going to the extremes of commissioning an oil portray portrait tinted to make her look extra Aryan than her unique Jewish genetic heritage.

Mary Maxwell Gates Portrait

For those who test Invoice Gates bio on Wikipedia [controlled by Jews] it says he’s claiming to be of English, German and Scottish-Irish descent, one thing Dixon says is a blatant lie. And by proxy, each individual of English, German, Scottish or Irish descent needs to be deeply involved by this elite Jew perpetrated deception.

Jew (Boy) Invoice Gates

Dixon defined how that is the very same kind of race deception beforehand utilized by crypto-Jewish Nazi’s Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann, and Gobbles, in WW II to form the route of the conflict… by controlling most of Hitler’s choices, in addition to making ones with out Hitler’s data or consent, just like the exterminations on the labor (focus) camps, which have been solely carried out by crypto-Jews Himmler and his crypto-Jew confederate, Eichmann.

 After Invoice Gates and Angelina Jolie have been concerned in framing me for crimes paying off Cops,Judges and attorneys to railroad me in courtroom and pressure me to Give Invoice Gates and Paul Allen again a distinction exhibiting I owned 22.5% of Microsoft or go to jail for homicide I didn’t commit, I bought the US Army concerned and as a part of a deal Microsoft and Angelina Jolie have been to fund a program to assist children who can’t afford authorized protection. This is named KIND in Washington State.

Crypto Jewish Nazis

Crypto Jews Himmler, Hess, Mengele and Eichmann

Eugenicide False Flag Nuking of Israel

Presently, the exact same deception (of Jews pretending to be Germans) is being employed by admitted eugenicist Invoice Gates to quell the world’s inhabitants numbers but once more, this time by use of GMO’s and vaccines, which he abundantly funds.

Historical past has a approach of repeating itself… that is the best way.

And, precisely why Invoice Gates would wish to deceive individuals into believing he’s White European. The choice to additional camouflage Invoice Gates true identification as a Jew is predicated on the truth that Jews are disseminating their Jewish genetics far and wide, and thus are considerably growing their inhabitants numbers whereas concurrently dissolving all non-Jewish populations from the planet in droves, significantly European Aryans.

The startling reality is Jews are hiding their true inhabitants numbers, that are nearer to 30-50% of the overall White inhabitants, possibly even increased, and accelerating at exponential charges, for which Jews certainty don’t wish to deliver to the eye of the goyim.

Jews Melinda and Invoice Gates

Their inhabitants takeover is by very definition, the “New World Order” itself. The place by designation, Jews, derived from a Neanderthal species, will rule the world with out menace from the Aryan Cro-Magnon species, who stays barely clinging to the present “world order” of issues.

Portraying Invoice Gates as a (White) Christian helps additional the elite Jews obvious have to make Christians look smarter than they are surely. A stratagem used as a psychological recruitment instrument Dixon stated, to try to deliver extra Christians into Jewish managed mega-Church buildings to be brainwashed. And why Invoice Gates and Microsoft tried to purchase the Catholic Church. The beneath ‘pretend information’ story is definitely true… and solely turned ‘pretend’ after public ridicule.

The Salina Journal (Salina, Kansas) – Dec 18, 1994 (This Story is Really True)

Jews may additionally need the general public to suppose Invoice Gates is White Christian with German and Irish blood as a result of nearly all of cops in America are of German or Irish descent … and Christian. Cops who will probably be ok with themselves believing they’re genetically linked to “mastermind” Invoice Gates.

Likewise, it has to assist Jews management a police pressure on the entrance line of the Jewish manipulated police state in the event that they consider they’re intellectually superior to all others, together with Jews who manipulate them every day, but stay utterly unaware of.

Dixon stated Invoice Gates was preened, groomed and finally located in one of the best place of all different elite Jews to idiot the goyim into believing he’s a pc mastermind, and thus, was chosen by the elite Jews to behave as their “front-man” main the pc age, and extra importantly, management of its working system software program.

Working system software program everybody on the earth will need to have as a way to talk with, which by proxy, should be within the palms of Jews.

Invoice Gates and Microsoft didn’t create “Home windows,” they merely threw Jewish cash at it and bought it for 100K from two Aryans in California, who truly did create it. This slight of hand actuality is evidenced within the PBS documentary entitled Triumph Of The Nerds.

Dixon stated the rationale Jews must be answerable for the premier working system software program on the earth is to allow them to spy on everybody who makes use of their product, holding a file of their actions, for use towards them later beneath their plans for world domination… making certain that each one official potential threats are neutralized.

Microsoft’s worldwide deceitful enterprise practices of copyright infringement and hostile takeovers, which Microsoft is internationally recognized, are designed to stifle a very free and revolutionary open working system software program market from ever absolutely thriving and reaching its full evolutionary potential. An evolutionary improvement Jews should management, however not be accused of controlling.

The very fact Invoice Gates is mendacity to disguise his Jewishness, is in flip deflecting worldwide criticism of his crypto-Jewish enterprise practices instantly onto English, German, Scottish and Irish innocents, races he cons the worldwide goyim into believing he’s half.

Microsoft has been sued many instances for hostile enterprise practices they use to keep up their software program working system spy ware supremacy, for which solely elite Jews might ever get away with.

Invoice Gates Testilying

All unique 1978 founders of the Microsoft Company are Jewish Dixon stated, and elite Jews are in collusion to maintain it that approach, just by shopping for out, hostilely taking up, or just stealing competing software program from any firm that exhibits a possible mental menace to Microsoft’s dominance within the software program working system market. A market, in line with Dixon, which in actuality is run and managed solely by elite Jews who not solely management Microsoft, however Apple, Linux, and now Android as effectively.

All Jews

This all Jewish Microsoft group from 1978 was introduced collectively and arranged by elite Jews to take complete management of all working system software program worldwide. Dixon stated permitting non-Jews to take management of the popular system would jeopardize the Jews millennium-long run of controlling mental properties, and thus the minds of the plenty.

Invoice Gates stays crypto-Jew as a result of his father acknowledged Jews are merely answerable for too many mega-corporations, banks and industries in America and overseas, and is fearful that if Invoice Gates true identification as a Jew have been ever to be revealed, it will put over the sting the truth that Jews personal every little thing of worth in America.

Nazi Gates

The gadgets laid out above are the essence of why Invoice Gates is posing as White Christian European. How else does a “German” Invoice Gates posing as Hitler doable assist German individuals or himself? What German would do that? What’s the actual crypto-Nazi message?

What has Invoice Gates ever achieved for English, German, Scottish or Irish individuals? Has he ever even visited his proclaimed homelands providing any help? All true English, German, Scottish and Irish individuals ought to file a class-action lawsuit towards Microsoft and Invoice Gates for mendacity about his true race to the world, we should always not let him get away with this JEW-NAZI race trickery.

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