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Here was a version of philosophical commerce closer to our own definition of the word “commerce,” yet one intimately related to practice. The commerce, legal or otherwise, of private individuals was another matter.

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Most writers were not interested in (pre)history per se, but rather in rationalising seventeenth-century concerns with governance, commerce, property and law. Expenditures on street construction and maintenance possess a similarly dual function, encouraging environmental improvement but equally facilitating the transactions of commerce. It should come as no surprise that these same qualities are particularly useful for the information-rich and process-rich environment of electronic commerce. It is the problems that they are meant to solve as in air-trac control or electronic commerce that are of foremost importance. The commerce and theft of the two armies certainly suggests mercenary objectives rather than the close cooperation of allies. Bates (1999) makes the point in an unpublished paper that ethnic groups can be a form of social capital that supports investment and commerce. If we can do this, we can do anything we want with regard to goods that are to be shipped in interstate commerce. Around the castle, the tourist commerce is never impudent. These applications range from information management through industrial process control to electronic commerce. As a consequence, the growth of industry and commerce was probably impeded. Local entrepreneurs accumulated capital from investments in livestock, commerce, and flour-mills, among other ventures. Over the years, it has primarily been a channel for conquest and commerce that gave various tribes and nations the route to secure their hegemony. Information can be expected to be a commonly traded goods in software agent mediated commerce, since both trading and distribution can be handled by agents.

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Extra meanings of commerce

to offer new life, vitality, exercise, or success to one thing

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